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AI & Machine Learning Forum 2018 – Hong Kong (October 26, 2018) Co-organizer

About the event

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have spring boarded from pages of science fiction and our imagination, into the real world. These technological advancements have game-changing implications for business of all sizes. As organizations strive to grow and evolve – there is an inherent need to embrace technological advancements where data becomes a key ingredient for these organizations to develop an edge over competitors and determine business success. Machine learning offers a new solution – the ability for algorithms to learn without the need to be programmed. Artificial intelligence brings with it a unique combination of man-to-machine interaction – where machines develop the required intelligence to process requests, connect data points, and draw conclusions. AI is a new level of cognition that has truly grown useful in certain aspects of our daily lives in today’s world. From automatically offering weather reports and travel alerts of your destination cities- to simple functions like setting reminders- to sending invitations to picking up a birthday cake to- AI assisting you instinctively segmenting your customer groups for targeted messaging and increased response rates- to self driving cars.

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