February 1, 2019

「電梯募投比賽2018」(Elevator Pitch Competition 2018, EPiC)

第三集 電梯募投比賽2018 由香港科技園公司舉辦的國際初創界年度盛事─「電梯募投比賽2018」(Elevator Pitch Competition 2018, EPiC) 吸引了接近600 間來自本地和海外的初創企業參加,創下新紀錄。活動於2018年10月圓滿結束,比賽當日匯聚一千四百名來自全球的企業家、創投基金公司代表、天使投資者、業界人士、企業培育計劃與加速器計劃代表,以及創科界的領導者。
January 10, 2019

B4B CHALLENGE(March 23 ,2019) Supporting Organization

B4B Challenge is a contest that promotes the development of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Big Data innovation in Hong Kong and to match talents and enterprises with an intensive accelerator program.
January 9, 2019

CityHack (Jan 26-27, 2019) Event Sponsor

CityHack is back! CityHack 2019 is a 48-hour Hackathon organized by CityU students. This year, our theme would be related to Artificial Intelligence and its applications. From January 26 to 27, we welcome all students from CityU or other local universities to work together and develop innovative products to adress the given problems using AI technologies.
January 7, 2019

Data and Media Hack 2019 (Jan 25-27, 2019) Supporting Organization

Data and Media Hack 2019 (DMH 2019) will set the stage for innovation, calling on teams consisting of students with their mentors from various backgrounds to address social or commercial issues that matter to our future.
December 29, 2018

The 7th INTERNATIONAL FORUM TACKLES CLEAN ENERGY (Dec 13-14, 2018) Supporting Organization

The sixth International Forum on Clean Energy (IFCE) ends today after robust discussion of this year’s theme, “Clean Energy and Belt and Road”. More than 200 government and industry representatives from Macau and abroad had opportunities to exchange views on policies, technology and market innovation of hydrogen, nuclear and clean energy
November 7, 2018

【Elevator Pitch】60秒做創業募投難度高? 國際初創實戰分享!

搭一程?隨時贏得過百萬?過程當然沒這樣簡單,但這也正是電梯募投大賽(Elevator Pitch Competition,簡稱EPiC)的一個噱頭! 第三度於香港舉辦的EPiC已於上周圓滿結束,本屆活動其中一個特別之處,是首度有接近七成的海外初創單位來港參賽,加上三成的本地初創精英,令當日的會場顯得非常熱鬧。
November 7, 2018

Hong Kong startup ecosystem reaching for the top floor

EPiC, an event organised by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, showcased why the future for the city’s startup scene is bright
November 7, 2018

US start-up scoops top prize at EPiC

DASH Systems, a US start-up that has designed an unpowered glider that drops and delivers parcels directly off a flying plane, won the US$140,000 investment fund at this year’s Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC)
November 7, 2018

科技園「電梯募投比賽 2018」吸引全球創科人才

香港科技園公司主辦「電梯募投比賽2018」(EPiC),上周五在環球貿易廣場(ICC)舉行,吸引100間來自不同國家地區的初創公司參賽,以及逾千位來自香港及世界各地的企業家、創投基金公司代表、天使投資者、企業培育計劃與加速器計劃代表到場,經過一整天激烈的比賽,來自美國的DASH Systems擊敗來自世界各地的99間入圍企業,勇奪冠軍寶座,贏得 14 萬美元投資基金。