November 7, 2018

US start-up scoops top prize at EPiC

DASH Systems, a US start-up that has designed an unpowered glider that drops and delivers parcels directly off a flying plane, won the US$140,000 investment fund at this year’s Elevator Pitch Competition (EPiC)
November 7, 2018

科技園「電梯募投比賽 2018」吸引全球創科人才

香港科技園公司主辦「電梯募投比賽2018」(EPiC),上周五在環球貿易廣場(ICC)舉行,吸引100間來自不同國家地區的初創公司參賽,以及逾千位來自香港及世界各地的企業家、創投基金公司代表、天使投資者、企業培育計劃與加速器計劃代表到場,經過一整天激烈的比賽,來自美國的DASH Systems擊敗來自世界各地的99間入圍企業,勇奪冠軍寶座,贏得 14 萬美元投資基金。
November 7, 2018

科技園電梯募投比賽近600隊爭冠軍 美國初創奪冠 港公司兩組別獲獎

香港科技園一年一度的電梯募投比賽上周五結束,本屆參賽隊伍多達591隊,較去年大增29%,隊伍分別來自本地、歐、亞、美及內地,晉身決賽的100 強,七成為海外公司,高於去年的四成,反映比賽已趨國際化。經過一輪競逐,由美國初創公司DASH Systems奪冠。
November 7, 2018

電梯募投比賽2018圓滿落幕 DASH Systems空中運輸系統贏得投資者垂青奪冠

60秒可以做到什麼?對於你與我來說,60秒轉眼就過,但對於100間來自世界各地的初創企業,這60秒就是一個找到投資者的黃金機會。剛過去的星期五(26/10),由香港科技園公司主辦的電梯募投比賽2018於全港最高的環球貿易廣場(ICC)的電梯內舉行,初創企業精英要在電梯內以60秒時間,向評審介紹他們的創業構思,結果DASH Systems擊敗來自世界各地的99間入圍企業,勇奪冠軍寶座,贏得14萬美元投資基金。
November 5, 2018

電梯旅程爆發創業構思 創新空運系統奪百萬元投資基金

只要夠創意及掌控市場需要,短短60秒的電梯旅程就有機會換來14萬美元(約109萬港元)投資基金!「電梯募投比賽2018」(Elevator Pitch Competition 2018)早前舉行,100間初創企業精英要在電梯内以60秒時間,向評審介紹他們的創業構思,結果由建立創新空中輸送系統方案的美國初創DASH Systems勇奪冠軍。主辦機構希望今次活動,可讓參賽的初企掌握介紹創業構思的技巧,助他們邁向成功。
November 2, 2018

Digital Transformation Forum 2018- Auckland (November 2, 2018) Co-organizer

Digital Transformation Forum 2018 – Auckland Digital technology has found its use more and more in organisations. The last few years especially have seen a significant pace of change with business exploring their digital capabilities at an alarming rate. However, it still remains widely unclear as to what digital transformation really means?
November 1, 2018

Blockchain Forum 2018-Auckland (November 01, 2018) Co-organizer

Blockchain Technology holds the promise to transform industries. While, the conversation generally surrounds financial opportunities; its many applications today are seen across industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, Government, supply chain, media, logistics, real estate and more.
October 30, 2018

Elevator Pitch 2018 (October 26, 2018) Supporting Organization

Elevator Pitch Competition, "EPiC" in short, is a fun-filled international start-up event organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. 100 start-ups will be selected to pitch their ideas in a 60-second elevator ride at the International Commerce Centre, the most iconic skyscraper in Hong Kong. They will compete for the chance to win an investment prize of not less than US$120,000!
October 29, 2018

HONG KONG FINTECH WEEK 2018 (October 29- November 02, 2018) Supporting Organization

Hong Kong FinTech Week is the world first cross-border FinTech event. It's one of the largest conferences on the calendar, attracting more than 5,000 senior executives and featuring over 100 of the world's top FinTech founders,  investors, regulators, and academics, who are shaping the future of financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across Asia and globally.