#B4BChallenge大數據應用挑戰賽 2017-2018

#B4BChallenge大數據應用挑戰賽 2017-2018 已經進入最後階段啦!我哋誠邀大家出席今屆嘅頒獎典禮,當日除咗有得獎隊伍親自介紹佢哋嘅創新方案外,我哋仲邀請到多位重量級嘉賓,同大家分享佢哋點運用大數據推動數據轉型!報名方法及詳情:http://bit.ly/2qIaWq3頒獎典禮日期:2018年4月26日 (1:30pm-4:30pm)地點:香港 數碼港道100號 數碼港3座E區三樓 會議廳喺過去3個幾月入面,14隊入圍隊伍唔單止有機會接受B4B大數據應用挑戰賽首席導師暨榮譽主席 #車品覺先生 同一班星級導師指導外,仲有機會去到 #北京 接受訓練同參加 ICT EXPO 等等嘅活動!參加頒獎禮前先睇睇過去3個月入面嘅精采片段啦!了解 B4B Big Data Hub : https://goo.gl/3sJKWR#B4B#Bigdataforbusiness#Digitaltransformation

B4B Big Data Hub 發佈於 2018年4月19日星期四



B4B Challenge is a contest that promotes the development of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Big Data innovation in Hong Kong and to match talents and enterprises with an intensive accelerator program.

The objective of B4B Challenge is to provide a platform that connects Big Data demand – innovative information solutions, and supply – talents in Hong Kong, to accelerate pervasive Big Data adoption and improved maturity as the foundation for Hong Kong to become a reliable, high-quality and sustainable source of digital innovations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The winners in a digital economy will run digital businesses that provides the best interweaving of people,devices, content and services. AI, consisting of highly scoped machine-learning solutions,

B4B Challenge will have many activities in promoting a direction of escalating Literacy of Big Data “全民大數據” under the main theme of AI & Beyond to complement the development of Data Hub together with aTalent Hub in Hong Kong.