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Artificial Intelligence has developed rapidly across countries all over the world and we will continue to see AI emerging in every industry and sector in the future. AI image recognition has a lower error rate than humans and also has a strong reasoning ability. Following the big data and 3D printing, Global Technology Leaders has viewed AI to be the core of development in the future especially in the areas of Fintech, Blockchain, Smart City, Transportation and Logistics, Medical Genetics, and smart IOT etc. Hong Kong has recognized to be leading in the AI research and development, thus software development talents and also strong hardware innovation capabilities are something that we need to support continuously. This crucial integration of software talents and hardware capabilities will enable Hong Kong to continue be the leader in AI development in the Greater Bay, One Belt One Road and International arena.

The establishment of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ( AI Lab ) is firmly rooted in Artificial Intelligence as the foundation to enhance greater cooperation through the Greater Bay Area, OBOR and International Leading Enterprises. Constructing bridges between the academic world such as university professionals, Academic research institute, leading industries players and government, foreign experts are attracted to this platform and integration with innovative resources, algorithm and user experience so as to develop disruptive solution by meeting the ultra-international standard, leading HK to enter the world’s latest and most challenging science and technology platform.

With the AI Lab, we advocate the popularity of the education of the programming languages, especially the Frontier science and technology like Artificial Intelligence by lowering the entry barriers for AI adoption and application, nurture the education of programming talents in Hong Kong especially in the Artificial Intelligence area so that small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals can share the fruits of the AI together and most importantly to continuously learn and progress with the same pace to the development of the world’s science and technology.

The AI Lab has also received full support from various HK and overseas universities and AI Lab HK is proactively the Science and technology Pioneer help promoting the HK economic transformation into a technology based economy as well as the commercialization of research. The Innovation and Technology Bureau has already begun researching on Artificial Intelligence and building a innovative cloud research environment, in order to attract Visionary technology research and development team to involve more into the AI field, nurture AI talent and black technology talent and technology development.

AI Lab is striving to become a complementary and interactive platform for talents, enterprises and educational institutions, promoting the cooperation among students and corporates and university experts, encouraging the consideration and integration of innovative idea, methodology as well as the industrial painpoints, forming a disruptive proposal.





Reinforce the linkage with the overseas and Mainland academic institutes, corporation and individuals to carry out academic research, science research and commercialization of emerging technologies eg AI, blockchain and internet security.



Advocate the popularity of the black technology programming, especially in emerging technologies like AI, blockchain and internet security.


Industrial Cooperation

As a common platform for talents, enterprises and educational institutions to benefit from the support of various industry leaders, projects or scientific research to be carried out with the enterprise or industry practical problems and pain points are very good common goals.